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Museum Fun at Home

A world of learning can be found outside the classroom and at home!

Turn a much-needed break into a fun, family activity! Take a walk around your neighborhood, look in your backyard for outdoor adventure, or come use our Park and Noland Trail as your adventurous playground. Send the kids on a pirate quest to discover “buried” treasures or challenge the kids to a game of Tree ID. Give quiet time a little twist with coloring pages created by The Mariners’ Museum to add to your kid’s art portfolio.

These activities offer critical thinking, scientific investigation, sensory play, sight identification, and more!

☠️🌿 Pirate Adventure Scavenger Hunt 🌿☠️

Grab yer wee ones and head outside to complete this hearty hunt! Print at home, or pull up on your phone, and let your laddie or lassies lead the way. Share your “buried” treasure photos with us by using #MarinersMuseum. Enjoy at home in our neighborhood our in our beautiful, 550-acre Park! 

CLICK HERE to download pdf of Pirate Adventure





👀🌳 Tree Identification Walk 🌳👀

Take a stroll around your neighborhood, or on our Noland Trail, and challenge the kids to a game of Tree ID. Who can identify the most trees correctly? What types of trees do they see? Turn the challenge into a form of BINGO, all while learning about many of the native species around us and how they impact our ecosystem. Learning can be fun, especially outside!

CLICK HERE to download pdf of  Tree Identification BINGO




🎨 Mariners’ Museum Coloring Pages 🎨

Grab your crayons or colored pencils and enjoy some coloring time with these adorable coloring pages created by Museum staff member, Lauren Furey. 

Click the image to download a pdf of the coloring page! 

Lions Bridge Coloring Page