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Video Conferencing for Adults

The Mariners Museum is pleased to offer video conferencing programs designed specifically for the adult learner. Our programs are interactive, engaging, and done in real time.

Ways to connect:

  • Traditional H.323 video conferencing equipment such as Polycom, Tandberg (Cisco), or Lifesize, or each company’s compatible desktop software.
  • ZOOM Cloud-based video conferencing. Through this simple, free download, you can connect to The Mariners’ Museum in a matter of minutes. (Check with your technology department to confirm that a download is permitted and there are no firewall issues.)

The cost per program is $125.

Sir John Franklin

Sir John Franklin

Of all the attempts to locate the Northwest Passage, none captured the imagination of the world like the Franklin Expedition. Departing to accolades, the tragedy that followed initially disappointed a nation. But disappointment soon turned to shock as the details of the expedition’s fate came to light. Today, historians and scientists continue to seek answers as to the fate of the lost Franklin Expedition. This program will examine the ill-fated expedition, focusing on the events of the mid-19th century along with more recent discoveries.

To book a program, contact:

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